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Traveling To Your New Home With Pets

You’ve signed with a sales representative and have received the keys. First of all, congratulations on buying your new Canadian home. You and your family should be so excited for this next adventure in your life. This is certainly a time of celebration and discovery.

But first you actually have to make it to the new home, right? Depending on where you are traveling from and how difficult the journey is, you may be having some feelings of anxiety or stress. If you are moving across town, then you have to be thinking “how do I do this, then this, then this” for the least amount of money and hassle possible. If you are moving across the country or to another country you have to comb through multiple options of travel. You could send all of your items on a truck to make the journey, you could fly, you could take a boat, and you could even take a train. The methods of travel are virtually endless.

If you are traveling with a pet, this entire process gets much more complicated. A pet is just like a small child or baby. You must give them plenty of breaks, snacks, open spaces, and opportunities to move around. Afterall, you are having a hard enough time sitting still for hours and you are of the right mental mindset.

Here are just a few tips to help you, your family, and your pets to make it through this stressful journey in one piece:


Rent A Moving Truck

You may not like the idea of renting a large moving truck, this is arguably one of the biggest helping forces you will have during this entire process. If nothing else, you should be able to fit all, or nearly all, of the valuable items that you own into this truck. This will free up the amount of space you have in your own personal vehicle for the ride. The more space you have in your own personal vehicle, the more space your pet (or pets) will have to stretch out.


Put A Crate In Your Car

If you are worried about their safety and items falling on your precious pet, then put a crate in the back end and then put your pet in that crate. If you feel comfortable, put a few toys and chewable items in the crate with your pet to occupy his time. Make sure that he has enough room in the crate to stretch out and fall asleep.


Take A Lot Of Breaks

Again, your pet is just like a small child. They will have to use the restroom every couple of hours. They will need bathroom breaks more often if it is hot or they drink a lot of water. If your pet does not get the adequate number of bathroom breaks, they could develop infections that could later cost them their lives. Don’t risk this just to save a few extra minutes or hours.

Your dog or cat will need to have the opportunity to get out of the vehicle to walk around just as often as they need to use the restroom. These animals were created to be mobile and free-moving, so being in a contained space for prolonged periods of time is both confusing and physically agonizing.


Don’t Forget The Food And Water Bowls

Plenty of pet stores make travel-compatible food and water bowls designed for long trips just like the one you are taking. Make sure to grab these bowls and let your pets drink and eat when you stop to eat. Give your pet the opportunity to drink every time you stop to walk them or let them use the bathroom. Unless you plan on leaving water in the back for them to drink while you are driving, this is very important.

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