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What You Can Do If You Don’t Trust Your Sales Representative

What You Can Do If You Don’t Trust Your Sales Representative

Are you buying a house in Canada or selling the home that you are currently living in? This may seem like an extraordinarily long, confusing, and overwhelming task, but it should be made easier to cope with when you hire a competent sales representative to help you throughout the process. Still, if you are reading this, then you have probably already hired a sales representative that you thought would make your life easier, but now realize that that was not the case. Not all sales representatives will be on board with your vision and help you along with your personal needs during the process of buying or selling a house.

If you have hired a sales representative that you have reason to believe is not trustworthy, then keep on reading for some tips, tricks, and pieces of advice.


Beware Of Legally Binding Signatures

If you no longer trust your sales representative, but have no proof that they are not fraudulent or scamming you in any way, then you have to be careful about what you choose to do next. If you have signed legally binding paperwork stating with this sales representative then you may be legally bound to pay them a certain percentage of money regardless of whether or not you actually go forward with the sale. If you abruptly pull out of a legally binding contract between you and your representative, you could be facing further legal trouble.


If You Have Only Verbally Agreed To Work With Your Sales Representative...

If you have only verbally agreed to work with your sales representative but then went home and realized that they were either not telling you the truth, was hiding important information from you, or that they have a license that is not in good standing, then you can call that sales representative back and let them know that you have changed your mind. You can really only do this if you have not made a legally binding contract with them that locks you into further obligation with this particular representative.


If You Have Proof That Your Sales Representative Is A Fake...

If you have gone home and done your research, then you will quickly realize whether or not your sales representative is a true professional or a con artist. All licenses and certifications for these professionals will be available publically for your viewing. If you cannot find these important documents or if you have found that your sales representative has lied to you about being in good standing, you have a right to pull out of a contract with legal assistance. You may not want to end things abruptly, but you have every right to halt the sale and seek legal advice on how to continue. You deserve to be working with a professional that has earned the right to help serve you.


Straighten Out Misunderstandings

If you feel that your sales representative is not trustworthy based on what could be a misunderstanding or lack of communication, make sure that you talk with them about the issue. Many times a simple misunderstanding can be worked out and there is nothing left to worry about. Even though these sales representatives are professionals that have taken many courses and have experience selling and buying homes for others in your position, they are still humans and may have made a simple mistake that can be easily fixed. Why not talk with them to see if this is the case?

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